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Helping the Best Grow Faster

Railay was founded by Vietnamese and English entrepreneurs. Their professional backgrounds and businesses provided them with an in-depth understanding of the software development industry, knowledge about the technology trends and contacts that can make you part of some of the most exciting projects and teams globally.




Digital Transformation


Artificial Intelligence

Apply to full-stack, frontend, backend, mobile, DevOps and other software engineering jobs.


Experienced Hires

3Y+ experience

You have at least 3 years of industry experience as a software engineer after you finished your college studies

Top Performer

You are likely in the top 5% of Vietnam software engineers.

Self Starter

Having displayed the ability to self-learn new technologies

And at a ‘tech’ level You will be part of teams delivering projects utilizing:

+ many more

The Offer

Railay offers ambitious engineering, computer science, and math graduates the opportunity to develop valuable skillset that will allow them to work for the international companies pushing the technology envelope.

We provide a complete package including the post grad high quality training and then direct placement into positions where you are immediately using these skills under the mentorship of a senior Railay employee. The pinnacle of the package is that you will be working directly with a team in one of the worlds technology hotbeds, such as Singapore, London, Berlin, Paris, Silicon Valley, Boston and others.

The length of the specific training courses vary depending on the skills that are in demand at any point in time.

The Commitment

Railay can offer you a win-win long-term relationship. For the most ambitious and talented graduates we will provide the training at our cost and guarantee employment.

What we ask for is a commitment to stay with us for a minimum of two years post training. After two years you will have a CV that will allow you to take your pick of the leading tech companies inside Vietnam or internationally.

However our objective is to provide you with the package, incentives, diversity of work, and challenge that your preferred option is to continue your career with us.