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Railay and Exe Corporation announce merger

The combined company will be at the forefront of the digital transformation, help international clients build innovative software solutions, and enable them to tap into software development talent in South East Asia. Railay and EXE Corporation, fast-growing software development houses in Ho Chi Minh City

Software Outsourcing Industry in Vietnam After Covid-19

Fortunately, the overall impact of the epidemic on the software outsourcing industry has been less lethal than in many other sectors. To understand what happened specifically in Vietnam, it is important to first understand the dual nature of the software outsourcing industry in the country.

Coronavirus and what it means for your software development budget

Everyone has been impacted by the coronavirus. In all likelihood, we are now heading for a global recession, a prolonged period of economic uncertainty, stalled transactions and lower revenues. High unemployment and crushed consumer confidence will translate into lower consumer spending and delayed purchases while

How to make sure your extended team is successful

Working with a software development team located remotely might be challenging. So why so many businesses use extended teams in cheaper locations nowadays? And what tools do they use to make sure the remote collaboration works very well? The answer lies in setting up the

Software development in Vietnam

Are you looking to build a software development team or outsource your software development project to Vietnam but have no idea where to start? This article is for you. During the last decade, Vietnam has grown to become a viable outsourcing alternative to China or