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Software outsourcing
to Vietnam

Practical information that will allow you to get started!

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    What You will learn?

    You will find some useful, practical information on Vietnam and its software development industry


    Main technology hubs, best universities and size of the talent pool


    Hourly software development rates, excluding any intermediaries

    Tech Stack

    Popular tech stack, skills easy to find and those harder to source

    Practical Info

    Time zone issues, working hours, cultural differences and English proficiency

    Sharing the experience

    “We struggled to find the skillset we needed in Paris and after having reviewed many outsourcing locations, we decided on Vietnam. It is a well-run, stable, modern country. There it’s easy to find amazing talent working with the latest technologies at a fraction of a price. The enviroment is very ‘tech companies firendly’ and we got a lot of support from companies and regulators to set up our base there.”

    Michael Barrel
    Michael Barrel

    “We chose Vietnam for many reasons, including cost advantage, availability of talent, work ethics, latest tech stack and mobile-first mentality. We started with 2 developers supporting our main team and now our entire software development team is based in Vietnam. We didn’t want to dilute ourselves and raise another round so had to find an outsourcing location where more could be built for less.”

    Ewa Johar
    Ewa Johar